Beechtree Farm LLC, Hopewell, NJ. Inspired after hearing Jo Robinson speak on why grassfed is best in 2003, we began to expand our cattle operation years and selling our grassfed beef directly to consumers from our 58-acre, preserved farm. We have two other farms nearby and partner with local farmers whose pasture we graze in-season. We also sell chicken, pork and eggs seasonally. Charlie makes handcrafted soaps from our beef tallow and herbs growing on the farm. Our meat is sold frozen, by the cut, in our store here at Beechtree Farm. Please call ahead to let us know when you'd like to visit. While we live and work from the farm, we want to make sure to be here when you arrive. From Spring to Fall we also participate in several farmers markets (see our website for locations and times). Ask us about our CSA Shares. We take names for those who are interested in ordering 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 share of beef. Our cattle live an unconfined, humane life on pasture and hay in the winter with access to shelter, minerals and salt. We practice rotational pasture grazing to maintain the growth of lush pastures. Working with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, NRCS, we follow Comprehensive Nutrient Management to protect local water and enrich our soils. The meat is processed at small USDA certified facilities. We have observed the entire process and are confident that our animals receive humane treatment up to the very end. We often hear from our customers how flavorful our meat is. It was quite a thrill when one 80-year-old customer exclaimed that she had the best hamburger in her entire life from our ground beef. Another woman actually burst into tears when talking about the brisket she prepared at Passover. We also feel wonderful knowing our customers are eating such nutrient-dense and healthy food. We are actively involved in promoting local, regenerative agriculture. Charlie and Lucia both serve on the Mercer County Board of Agriculture. Lucia serves on the Board of Directors of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey ( and is a district supervisor with the Mercer County Soil Conservation District. She chairs the Hopewell Township Agricultural Advisory Committee which actively preserves farmland in our town. Beechtree Farm LLC, Lucia and Charles Huebner, 105 Crusher Road, Hopewell NJ 08525