Mandala Farm 77 Plymouth Road, Staten Island, NY, USA
Posted on March 4, 2018 / 516
Listing Type : Services
Location : New York
Condition : Not Certified
Contact Person : John Paul Learn
Organic Status : Organic Not Certified

Mandala Farm is a local regenerative agriculture plant nursery offering a wide variety of edible fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables, with over 15 different types of berries and other resilient plants and fun foods.  

Mandala Farm is a unique provider of specialty perennial edible and medicinal plants for progressive gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, and organizations. Our selection of plants can save you time, money, and add variety to your meals at home or your produce sales. Are you looking to grow more delicious, higher value, less hassle, nutrient dense gardens or farm crops?

We grow perennial edible plants and support species and provide hardy, healthy, affordable, easy to grow plants for sale locally or shipped to your location within the United States. 

We are located in Staten Island, New York with satellite locations in the Hudson Valley in Ellenville, NY and the Finger Lakes in Wilseyville, NY. 

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All plants are grown using better-than-organic standards. While the nursery does not have an organic certification, all inputs are 100% organic. I invite you to ask me any questions you may have about my horticulture practices. I never use chemicals and work with soil fertility directly to provide the healthiest, safest plants for you to continue growing. I have abilities to cold-store, stratify, germinate, and grow thousands of seeds and plants. I also have extensive experience with various propagation techniques and use them extensively to generate the best possible health in each plant species I grow.

At Mandala Farm, we care about you, your health, your livelihood, and the ecosystems we all share. That is why we offer a diversity of high quality, reliable plants that fit the dynamic conditions we all find ourselves growing our food and medicine in.

Our plants are a way we can empower you in creating a healthy and resilient personal lifestyle or livelihood for yourself, your families, and your communities. This continually inspires us to create abundant, edible, regenerative landscapes, and to offer an expanding selection of the plants you will find in our inventory. If context informs design, then diversity reflects strength and ability.

Over my professional career, I have been dedicated to the intention of creating positive change for the environmental and personal individual health of communities. I aim for social impact investment. To this end, I have experience in project design, development, management, training, creating businesses, and building relationships in the community on a personal and professional level.

My mantra has always been to operate under a triple-bottom line. Firstly, the business must have a positive environmental footprint. Secondly, it must provide health and well-being to all people involved. Thirdly, it must facilitate a positive impact in financial and social equality.

To this day, I strive to bring resilience, health, opportunity, and prosperity to the communities I engage.

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